Community Building

We live in in a very contradictory moment on time and history. On the one hand processes of globalization are opening up new “opportunities” for vulnerable and marginalized communities as for instance greater mobility and choice for women and Dalits who have been prisoners of patriarchal and caste restrictions.

On the other hand, it has also created new vulnerabilities and violence. The loss of livelihoods and lands for instance as a result of industrialization and corporatization of agriculture has resulted in large scale exodus into cities where rural communities live in degraded slums with no sustainable employment. Women particularly end up in vulnerable and exploitative working conditions as in domestic work, garment industry, sex work etc which are either devalued or stigmatized making them more vulnerable to economic and sexual exploitation.

Those who stay back are pushed into greater impoverishment and different forms of violence the brunt of which is borne by the women inside their homes that are becoming hells of insecurity. In the rural and semi urban communities where SIEDS works for instance due to the impact of the land mafia, lack of sustainable and meaningful livelihood and an increasingly aspirational society one also sees a greater criminalization and alienation among the youth. The older fault lines of caste, class, religion and gender continue to deepen and divide our communities even as they are systematically deployed by those in power to perpetuate their politics of control and hegemony.   

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