“Were it not for shadows there would be no beauty.”

—Junichiro Tanizaki

Currently the programmatic priorities of CIEDS Collective, are woven around four interrelated focus areas with the core values
of justice, dignity, equality and peace as cross cutting themes:

Rebuilding inclusive communities

with the continuing focus on gender, youth, social justice and social harmony. The attempt is also to mobilise the community towards strengthening public systems related to health, food, education, local governance and sustainable livelihoods. The approach is to support the formation of self organised groups of women, youth, tribals, transgenders, sexual minorities, sex workers, women workers in the unorganised sector and women farmers who would work towards accessing their own basic rights and entitlements.

Renewing cultures of creativity

through a continuing focus on cinema, theatre and the arts rooted in individual and collective sensibilities that draw
from marginal and non commodified aesthetics.

Regenerating knowledges

through archiving, action research, documentation and publications.

Strengthening Solidarities

with other networks and organisations to build a more life affirming, plural, peaceful and democratic polity.