Just Conversations of Possibilities

Conversations is an initiative evolving from the CIEDS collective where the arts (performance arts, dance, painting, theatre),
evolve from communities and schools. It opens up spaces for weaving stories from the lives of children and communities living on the “edges of hope”.

Some Initiatives

Workshops in an orphanage where children learn to understand by doing. Body memories and knowledge develop into stories which take form through stories which are expressed through puppets, painting, movement, and music. The children through a process of developing skills chose to work with the still image which translates into a stop motion film.

Process based workshops on art and storytelling with children and young people in government schools and colleges in which democratic practices in the arts are interwoven.

Engaging with Anganwadi workers in villages by introducing the idea of play in their interactions with children.

  • Carpentry workshops
  • Makeup and costume workshops
  • Movement and Dance workshops