Structure of SIEDS

The CIEDS Collective: This is the core work collective comprising those committed on a full time basis with the work of SIEDS either as employees, volunteers or on contract. While informal, this is the nucleus of the structure that not only nurtures areas of work and individuals but is also the primary decision making body as far as programme and policies are concerned.

The SIEDS General Body: The legal body comprising of those full time members of the CIEDS Collective who have been inducted as members of the general body and also external members drawn from the field of academia, arts and social movements. The General Body not only passes the annual report and accounts but also elects the office bearers and the Executive Committee

The Committee: This committee is elected from the general body and includes office bearers of the Society as also members drawn from the SIEDS general body. The Committee draws up and implements policies in consultation both with the core team of the CIEDS Collective and the SIEDS general body.

Advisory Committee: Those individuals drawn in for their expertise and insights who will guide our programmes in an advisory capacity and will not either be part of the Collective nor of the General Body.

Current office bearers of the Society

President: Meena Seshu

Vice President: Madhu Bhushan

Secretary: GeorgeKutty A L 

Treasurer: Altaf Ahamed 

Committee member: Shakun Mohini

Committee member: Shanthamma 

Committee member: Crisologo Furtado